Saturday, September 18, 2010

Morse Mill Investigation September 18, 2010
Theresa and I decided to head up a day early so we could be rested and ready for a night of investigating. Julie and Kim are going to tough it out and drive up today-it’s about 4 hours from Evansville IN.
Since there is no running water or electricity at the Morse Mill Hotel, Theresa and I decided to get a hotel room- the closest one we found was in Festus- Holiday Inn Express- it is brand new and we highly recommend it!
We drove out to the investigation site yesterday- not sure why, but we both thought the hotel was more isolated than it is. There are other houses and camps very close to the hotel, several trucks and cars went by in just the short visit – hopefully this slows down at night-
The yard is narrow and long- with the fire pit area about 150’ from the hotel. We initially thought we would set up in the yard and use Julie’s canopy, now I am leaning towards setting up in the smaller add on that sits on the side of the hotel. This will keep our equipment inside and us away from so many bugs. We can decide after we have a walk through.
Last night we had pizza delivered from Cecil Whittaker Pizzeria- Theresa said it was the best pizza she ever had!!! It was pretty darn good!! You should try it if you make this trip-

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cripp is on the road!!!!

Heading out to Morse Mill tomorrow! Hope to have an eventful night!! Theresa, Donna, Julie and Kim---May have Billy Miller from SIPI join in....he has not confirmed as of yet-

Wish the whole team could go....but life keeps happening!!!

Morse Mill is a 4 story 5,300 hotel that is being remodeled......we'll add some pics soon.....

From Old Jail Hunt 5-26-12

S.I.P.I and CRIPP Join Forces to raise funds for the Warrick Humane Society

Road Trip!!!

Road Trip!!!
Cripp will be at the Roads Hotel in Late April!!

The Roads Hotel

We spent the evening at The Roads Hotel in Atlanta Indiana. If you have not made it
here yet, we highly recommend it! This is just a peek of what we found on
view....we know there was plastic on the window, but this looked too strange
not share....looks likes something "steps in" and then a darker
taller shape steps in front of it ....

clip from The Roads Hotel